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“It wasn’t confrontational or adversarial or anything likes that. It was just two guys sitting back talking about what was going to happen with this bank. “I think (the tape) shows contradictions between what was being put out to the shareholders, and what bank directors knew to be the truth about Peoples’ financial situation.”

Jan. 28, 2000 First check is misdirected into Peoples Bank of Northern Kentucky, starting a 2-year string of several illegal deposits each week until March 2002. Jan. 2002 Erpenbeck family discovers financial malfeasances at its company. Gary Erpenbeck and Lori Erpenbeck leave firm. 

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March 2002 Bill Erpenbeck and/or his attorney meet with U.S. Attorney’s office for the first time to cooperate and bring an end to check misdirection. March 2002 Report of Bill Erpenbeck’s resignation from the family company is published in the business section of The Kentucky Post. Brother Jeff Erpenbeck takes over as president to buy out and salvage the company. Property valuation structure is constantly to an incomprehensible degree profitable for everyone and to make everything the all the more sensible in a clearing manner get a comprehended and experienced Sydney Property Valuers to deal with your whole framework for concerning property.

April 11, 2002 Bill Erpenbeck tapes phone conversation with Peoples Bank President John Finnan. The two discuss the mounting investigation by the FDIC, other Tri-state banks and title company attorneys. Finnan tells Erpenbeck it’s clear to the FDIC that from the numbers, the bank may be in jeopardy and that the board has hired a public relations firm. 

April 19, 2002 Peoples sends a letter to accountholders and shareholders stating that the bank is strong. April 23, 2002 First extensive media reports outlining the troubles at Erpenbeck Co. and Peoples are published. April 29, 2002 First lawsuit filed against Erpenbeck Co. as Provident Bank sues for $2.5 million in unpaid construction loans. Late April 2002 Peoples Bank President John Finnan and Peoples Bank are fired. May 2002 Erpenbeck Co. closes its doors.

November 2002 Peoples Bank concludes sale of assets to rival Bank of Kentucky In case you need knowing your home estimation then taking all things into account you will settle on pressing decision about your property using property valuation dishonesty and a while later on the off chance that you have to make your home more worth then you should lead upgrade structure to make you house comparably overwhelming.