What Is An Appraiser And What Does For Adelaide Property Valuer

When purchasing a home, it is common to request a real estate appraisal to find out the market value of the property, and an essential step in the event that a mortgage is to be requested, since it is the financial institution itself that It is requested, at the buyer’s expense, in order to know the value of the Adelaide Property Valuer to be mortgaged and calculate the amount to be lent based on it.

In addition, there are also cases in which it is the Adelaide Property Valuer owner himself who decides to appraise his property, in order to establish a sale price based on the opinion of a professional and thus let potential buyers know.

Normally, banking entities have a fixed agenda of appraisers to whom they request to carry out the appraisal, but if we decide to request an appraisal on our own, we must bear in mind that the law requires that the real estate appraiser be an architect, technical architect, industrial engineer or -in the case of appraising agricultural land-, agronomist, and who is attached to an appraisal company recognized by the Bank of Spain.

When an appraisal is requested from a real estate appraiser, the appraiser sends the client a quote. Once this is accepted, the professional begins his work.

Normally, the first step that the real estate appraiser takes is to request a simple note in the property registry, in order to compare the information provided by the owner of the home with the one that is registered. In addition, it also requests a copy of the deed and compares the data with that of the cadastre and the town hall.